What is a Backlit Ceiling? 

Backlit ceilings are a great way to transform a room with a custom display of lighting. Backlight ceilings work well in large spaces that have little access to natural light. For example, dens, basements, and inner areas of homes and offices with small or no windows. A backlit ceiling installation is a great way to really brighten up these areas.

Backlit ceilings are designed to include translucent or semi-translucent sections that allow for light to shine. The light is softened and diffused while maintaining its essential brightness. Believe it or not, backlit ceilings can transmit approximately 75 percent of light, and can reach areas of a room that lamps or light fixtures cannot.

Backlit Ceiling Benefits 

There are a number of benefits associated with backlit ceilings. This versatile lighting option can even be used with printed stretch ceilings in order to create elegant and dramatic effects.

The ambiance created with backlit lighting can enhance mood in a way unmatched by traditional lighting. In addition, you will also be improving overall visibility, while producing lighting that is uniform and more vivid.

Why Choose Backlit Ceilings 

Backlit ceilings are a great way to achieve lighting in areas that are typically low-lit. Think of areas of a home or business that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, or have small windows. A backlit ceiling is a great option to explore because of its versatility and straightforward installation.

Backlit ceilings are excellent solutions in a variety of spaces like showrooms, showhomes, office spaces, retail stores, hotel lobbies, restaurants and casinos, foyers and reception areas, malls, and conference rooms. You can truly recreate the mood and ambiance of a room with an impressive backlit ceiling.

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