Use Modular Ceilings to Enhance Your Space

You can turn any existing ceiling structure into a fully customized 3D experience using modular frames and structures paired with the right technology. These unique architectural features created are the exact size and shapes you require to create stunning patterns and ceiling shapes. They are then finished with a membrane or printed artwork to fully capture the interior design you want for your home.

The framework is backlit for added impact using within the ceiling design or self-suspended using secured aircraft cable. All the pieces are constructed using lightweight aluminum bases, so they are durable and easily shaped into the shape that reflects your design goals. These structures are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Many businesses have discovered the effectiveness of modular ceilings to make an impact with their branding in exhibit booths, handing structures and showcases.

Variety of Designs to Choose From

Modular ceilings allow you to showcase the architectural uniqueness of your home or business brand. Modular ceilings are adaptive to any form or surface, making it easy to install and move. It can be installed in any room of your home, being most effective in living spaces such as home theatres, indoor pools, living rooms, dining areas or home-galleries. 

There are 3 key design options you can choose from when choosing a modular ceiling including:

4-sided – Enclosed on all sides. May require additional bracing. Perfect or high ceilings.

Partially open-sided – Allows for an open space design. Great option for accommodating windows or other light sources.

Fully open-sided – Creates illusion of hollow sections and parallel flange channel. Adapts to lighting situations or can be used to channel the visual eye. 

Why Choose a Modular Ceiling

A modular ceiling is an architectural feature that allows you to be creative and reflect your personal style or branding. It can easily be adapted to any surface or form, making it a flexible building approach. 

Modular ceilings support a variety of ceiling light fixtures and hide any existing ceiling imperfections. There are a large variety of colours and finishes that can be incorporated into your final design. Whether you’d like a simple ceiling design or a modern ceiling design, there’s nothing we can’t do at Carsie Stretch Ceilings. 

Offering a fast installation option for your home or business, there is little prep time required. Work with our team of designers to create a look that best suits your design needs and watch as your space is transformed into a modern work of architectural art.

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