Experts in Multi-level Ceilings

We specialize in creating stunning multi-level stretch ceilings. These architectural wonders are designed to fit any space in your home. Created using a variety of stretch ceiling materials, you can have a stunning ceiling with a variety of architectural styles and characteristics without having to go through a full ceiling renovation.

Unique design features let you create bulkheads and centrepieces in your ceiling that are elegantly lit, giving your home a feeling of luxury. This style of ceiling creates a stunning and impactful ceiling feature for your home.

Why Install a Multi-level Ceiling?

In addition to making a powerful architectural statement in your home, there are so many great benefits to installing a multi-level ceiling. For example, a multi-level ceiling is pre-fab so pieces arrive ready to be installed, saving you time and money on installation and construction costs. A multi-level ceiling also lets you add impressive architectural features in any sized space without having to go through a major renovation.

Your design team works with you from concept to completion so you can get the specific look to suit your architectural vision. Pieces are fully customizable so you can have a modern minimalist look for your ceiling or a more complex and detailed design.

Advantages of Multi-level Ceilings

More than just an architectural ceiling design, multi-level ceilings have a number of other design benefits too. 

  • Hides ceiling imperfections
  • Can be supported by all ceiling fixtures, so you don’t have to worry about having to replace your ceiling to accommodate multi-level ceilings or stretch ceilings 
  • It can be integrated with new or existing light fixtures, allowing you to have a fully customized lightning experience 
  • Multi-level ceilings are completely non-toxic and adhere to all international and European standards and guidelines 
  • Cold and heat-resistant
  • Absorbs sound and acoustics, giving you the perfect in-home theatre experience 
  • Adds height to your ceilings even in the smallest spaces

Discover why so many homeowners are transforming their ceilings with multilevel ceiling architectural features.

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