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When it comes to printed ceilings, trust the experts at Carsie Stretch Ceilings. A ceiling with a digital print is a great way to instantly inject designer art into a room in your home or business. The options are truly endless – just imagine making your ceilings the focal point of the room thanks to reproduced prints of your favorite artworks.

The capabilities of techniques to install prints using stretch fabric is becoming more and more popular each day. You no longer have to suffer with outdated popcorn drywall ceilings. Transform any room with a printed ceiling from Carsie Stretch Ceilings. Our team can help you choose the perfect pattern and design for your unique space.

Printed Stretch Ceiling Design

Thanks to a special UV printer and specific long-lasting ink, manufacturers can now outfit ceiling material with custom digital prints for ceiling designs. The images last for years and are very high quality. And due to the latest technologies, image clarity is second to none. But with so many options available, it may be difficult to decide on the right one.

Not to worry, our design team at Carsie Stretch Ceilings will gladly offer our expertise to help you find the perfect ceiling print to complement your design preferences. The printed stretch ceiling can work with a wide array of materials including satin, matte, canvas, metallic, and gloss.

Why Choose Printed Stretch Ceilings

There are a handful of reasons why printed stretch ceilings are great alternatives to traditional ceilings. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new ceiling design popularity is that the stretch fabric that the design is printed on is easy to install in public and private settings. The material is resistant to mold, and can even function well in moist settings like bathrooms, basements, and even saunas. Printed ceilings are also popular because they are very easily maintained.

These ceilings can last for decades, and when maintenance is needed, just give us a call and we would be happy to service you. Stretch ceilings are also printed using ink that is non-toxic, and is therefore suitable to be installed in any room you choose.

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